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Marc Haize attempts to see through "Dirty Glasses"

Marc Haize is an "everything artist," rapping, writing, and producing his tunes while based in Houston Texas. Haize was originally born in Detroit, Michigan, but had moved to Maryland, Japan, and Georgia before finding a home in the Lone Star State. His travels have undoubtedly informed his style. You can hear eclectic underpinnings of the various cultures he had been submerged it, as they fuse together to make a distinctively Marc Haize sound.

Recently moving to Los Angeles, Haize found himself in the grips of loneliness. "Being out here in Los Angeles by myself can sometimes be stressful but over time I have grown to embrace it," Haize says. Writing and recording "Dirty Glasses" was his means of coping and confronting his own misgivings. Haize's icy vocals communicate his woes, enhanced by the autotune. As he dips in and out of the vocal effects, punctuating the track with warbling low notes, we get the full range of his emotions.

As the track putters out, we're left with some final sentiments from Haize on his time in LA: "As I get older I do realize that I cannot do everything myself, so I do now put effort into building and growing new working relationships, but in the meantime I’m all by myself just making my goals into reality."

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