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Bust a move to The Ramona Flower's latest video "Strangers"

Oh, modern love. Such a strange, frustrating and mysterious thing. Sometimes, it can get so unnerving that the only answer is to dance. Well, okay, maybe not for most of us. But, if you possess moves as slick as KidtheWiz in The Ramona Flower’s latest video “Strangers,” dancing seems like a viable option.

For their latest, the Bristol-based indie-electro band lets Wiz, and his actual girlfriend take center stage. Wiz plays a frustrated boyfriend who tries to steal his lady’s attention away from her phone with some stellar moves. After a certain while, he gets so caught up in the music (provided by The Ramona Flowers, of course) and his dancing that he loses track of everything and keeps on boogying.

Without a doubt, this is a music video that will paint a smile on your face. “Strangers” is an already fun and upbeat track so adding Wiz’ energetic, carefree and fluid dance moves on top of it only makes the visuals that much more enjoyable to watch. Afterall, who can’t relate to a song so good it makes you want to lip sync and dance in public?!

Press play on “Strangers” above, and be sure to keep it locked right here on EARMILK for all things great and groovy music.

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