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Ayelle tackles male entitlement on "Silverplates"

Singer Ayelle's newest single "Silverplates" tackles the burning topic of male privilege and the entitlement towards female identifying bodies.  A delicate topic that she handles with thought provoking sensibilities over a dark, solemn backdrop provided by producer Crayon. Ayelle's seductive, yet confrontational approach provides a unique listening as the listener is taken through a rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish.

The release  of "Silverplates" follows a series of singles and collaborations this year, including the Spotify play listed ‘ Issues ’, the PRS Women Make Music supported ‘ Lacuna ’. and collaborations with Calper AKAY , and more. The Swedish-Iranian singer is also working on another EP.


Connect with  Ayelle : WebsiteSoundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Alternative R&B · Chillstep


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