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Mase Well is living the offbeat "Suited Life"

The up and coming rap act who goes by the moniker Mase Well gifts the world his brand of non conforming rap music. The young cat who is highly influenced by 2000's hip-hop, boom-bap and a little bit of Mac Miller's flow is slowly making his way in the industry with the hopes of breaking out of the mold. He aims to find his own voice and not stick to the labels people might want to place him in.

 His single "Suited Life" is a blend of hard banging beats, rock-esque elements and lo fi sensibilities. The song dwells on the life of a 20 something lost between the spheres of working to survive and make money while formulating the music that can outlive the current hurdles he faces in the concrete jungle. Mase Well further explains that the song came about during the moments he spent in the big apple while observing the energy around him.

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Hip-Hop · Rap


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