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Saint Clair gets caught up in the need for some "Human Touch"

Saint Clair follows up her previous single "Amnesiac" with another brilliant one titled "Human Touch". A break up anthem that really switches things up from the start. Teaming up once again with producer Ben Jones, the duo craft a slow burner of a song. Saint says I was in emotional limbo when an ex suddenly appeared at the back of a venue I was playing at, and it completely caught me off guard. The song is an exploration of that push and pull between revisiting the past and moving on for good.”

 "Human Touch", the latest track to emerge from Saint Clair's forthcoming EP D2’, due for release in early 2018 via her own Dearly Beloved imprint

D2 EP Track Listing:

  • Amnesiac
  • Human Touch
  • I’ll Stay


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