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Saint Clair provides us with a aural escape via "Amnesiac"

Saint Clair is the nom de plume of singer Emma Topolski who started off as a jazz singer. The experience is shown in her craft as she easily blends old standards, soul, classic rock and even tap into the soulful naunce of electronica acts such as Son Lux and James Blake. The talented London based singer's newest release "Amnesiac" is an enthralling, mind warping number that sees the young lady using the title as a double meaning as opposed to what you may think. 

Teaming up with producer, Rahm (signed to Terrible Records, also home to Blood Orange, Solange, Empress Of) who provides her with a dreamy, somewhat psychedelic backdrop that's by itself a beauty, Saint Clair takes things up a notch with her captivating angelic vocals that serves as a portal into a dimension with limitless possibilities. A perfect escape from the troubles of reality into a soothing, peaceful comfort zone.

Speaking about the track, she says;

“‘Amnesiac’ is about desperately anticipating sleep in order to escape reality and live in your dreams instead; being transported to a place where everything is untouched and reimagined. And Rahm captured this world perfectly through his dreamy production.”

"Amnesiac" is taken from her upcoming EP 'D2' which is a sequel to her debut EP 'D1' which came out earlier in the year.

D2 EP Track Listing

  • Amnesiac
  • Human Touch
  • I’ll Stay

Connect with Saint Clair : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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