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Petit Biscuit releases debut album 'Presence'

Still in his teens, Petit Biscuit has proved himself as an exciting prodigy over the last few years with notably successfully and critically praised tracks such as "Sunset Lover" (listen above), "Oceans" and "You". At the age of 18, he has released his debut album titled Presence, a powerful, momentous album which accurately represents how far he's come in such a short amount of time.

The album illustrates his progressive, melodic EDM attributes, enticed with heavy synth patterns and heartwarming vocal elements. The album has several featured artists, including SONIA, Lido and Panama who all bring uniquely warm sounds to the project. Petit Biscuit’s most well-known track to date "Sunset Lover", which has reached over 200,000,000 Spotify streams is one of the closing tracks on the album. Notable mentions are "Waterfall", a soothing, intoxicating EDM journey with a sentimental essence, and "Beam" an enchanting instrumental track which blends elements of hip-hop and EDM, integrating eccentric rhythms with delicate, vulnerable orchestral components. Across the entire project the standard is high, but these two tracks stood out to me on a first listen through.

Presence demonstrates Petit Biscuits remarkable ability to create warm, atmospheric music with a dance-evoking, upbeat backbone. The album feels complete, with each track playing a pivotal role in creating a contemplative, engaging mood. It’s hard to believe Petit Biscuit is as young as he is, and this project is simply another indication of how much potential he has as an artist. Certainly worth a listen. Presence is now available on all streaming services. 

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[…] year ago, French producer Petit Biscuit stunned the world with his highly acclaimed album Presence – a masterpiece of warm, atmospheric, yet upbeat EDM tracks. Singles like “Problems” ft. […]