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Supa Bwe is "Up Right Now" on new single

Chicago's Supa Bwe brings a punk rock attitude and guttural vocals to differentiate himself from his more soulful contemporaries. Having worked with everyone from Saba to Taylor Bennett, to the legendary Twista, Supa is proving that his fuck-all aesthetic and re-imagination of the dominant Soundcloud genre is the next big wave for Chicago. His upcoming album Finally Dead will be sure to position him as one of the strongest beacons of light for Chicago's ever-burgeoning music scene.

"Up Right Now" is a perfect snapshot of his Chicago sensibilities filtering the aggressive new school sound. The sunny and lush brash you've come to expect from the city opens the track, followed by Supa's bright vocals. His highly textured cadence makes every note that much punchier, insulated further by earthy backing vocals. This might be the happiest banger you'll hear all month. Tying it all together, Supa Bwe recruits golden-voiced R&B hybrid Xavier Ömar to add a burst of color and bring some more body to the track. Supa Bwe is a star just starting to catch his full shine, and "Up Right Now" is his moment to step aside from his punk ways to bask in his own light.

Finally Dead drops on 12/6, with features Saba, Xavier Omar, and more. Preorder it here.

Connect with Supa Bwe: Twitter | Soundcoud | Instagram

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