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YENI puts the pedal to the metal on her new EP "Hang On"

Techno music producing maestro Yeni starts off this month with a brand new EP 'Hang On'. The 5 track project is spearheaded by her humble self alongside a handful of producers such as; Wigbert and Andreas Campo. She kicks off the EP with "Hang Out", a hard-hitting 4 to the floor banger that screams laser beams and smoke screens. On the track "Axon", she switches the pace a bit more with some distorted sounds and sizzling percussions which builds up to a crescendo in the middle section and breaks down afterwards to give the speakers some time to breathe, she follows up with "Holy Molly" , an offbeat , equally stunning body mover.

'Hang On' also includes two remixes from Wigbert who works on the title track and Andres Campo who goes the industrial house way on his remix of "Axon"

For those who don't know, the Germany based Yeni has been in the game, producing music and DJing since the tender age of 15 and even started her own label called Cyborgs In Love. You gotta put some respect on her name.  By starting over with a new solo project and by founding her own Techno record label "CYBORGS IN LOVE", YENI has decided to bring her forward going tracks into the clubs. Her hybrid-set does not only showcase her DJ-skills but also does YENI use her own vocals and works with drum machines and synthesizer to create a unique experience for the audience

Connect with  YENI : Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram

Connect with Wigbert   : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram



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