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Get lost in the haunting world of Nova Moura and his latest "Good Plan, Sweetheart"

Coming directly to your eardrums from the city of Cincinnati, allow us to introduce you to your new R&B/Neo-Soul obsession, Nova Moura, and his latest track, “Good Plan, Sweetheart.”

5 seconds into “Good Plan, Sweetheart,” and you’ll be nodding your head to the dark and dreamy productions and Moura’s smooth vocals. No doubt about it, Moura has a Weeknd vibe to him, but it’s much more House of Balloons than Starboy if ya catch my drift. And like others in that genre, Moura is going for the mysterious thing by keeping his face out of all photos. Has it been done before? Sure. But somehow, Moura is making it feel a little fresh. Maybe it’s the flowers (as opposed to a Marshmellow head or something annoying) or maybe it’s the general direction of songs, but something about Moura and his music is intriguing.

All comparisons aside, “Good Plan, Sweetheart” is a haunting breakup record and an illustrious piece of work. Moura’s lyrics are cutting and just specific enough to make you believe the content is real while also keeping it relatable. With a debut like this, the sky’s the limit for the singer.

Press play on “Good Plan, Sweetheart” above and be sure to keep your eyes and ears locked right here on EARMILK for all things dope music.

Connect with Nova Moura: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter



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