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B00ty unveils an in your face groove on "Funky Sista"

The only thing serious about B00ty is their official photo. The duo, made up of two singer/producers Edan Freiberger and Adam Epelbaum have been making music together since their dorm days at UCLA. Graduating to the LA club scene, B00ty was brought in by the President of A&R at Geffen Records, Neil Jacobson, as he brought them to the label to sign them himself. The duo is now prepared to release their next single, and it's one that makes a big statement about who they are in their music and as artists.

"Funky Sista" might have an alluring title, and it works. And if we were to list out all of the inspirations and sounds included within the track, it might sound like a cacophony. Instead, we'll say this: funky, groovy, and infectious, "Funky Sista" is the perfect mix of electronic and live instrumental production techniques. Check it out above ahead of its release.

Connect with B00ty: SoundCloud | Facebook

Electro Soul · Electronic


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