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A-Trak and Baauer drop what dance has been missing in 'Fern Gully / Dumbo Drop'

Two of house music's most beloved names have linked up on a new two-track EP. A-Trak and Baauer released the EP today, with two tracks that the millennial will eat right up. The first track, an homage to the animated 1990's movie Fern Gully, is an immediate draw in to see what's next for these two. Funky, deep and just plain groovy, it's the perfect balance in a house track with the authenticity many of us in the dance scene can say we've been craving for a long time. "Dumbo Drop" has a similar vibe, just headed deeper down the rabbit hole. Honestly, DJ's listen up: Fern Gully / Dumbo Drop is what we want to hear in the club. 

Fern Gully / Dumbo Drop is out via A-Trak's Fool's Gold Records

Dance · House


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