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Get to know Rendezvous At Two, a mysterious duo's take on R&B

Sometimes you can find music accidentally and it be the most beautiful accident you can stumble on. This happened to me, when I was sat in a room, when someone plugged their phone into the speakers and hit play and my ears instantly pricked up. The melodies and harmonies that were reverberating around the room made my hairs stand up on end, as I drifted into my own little world.

What I was being played was a UK pairing who's take on soulful R&B has started to cause waves within the British Isles and even further afield. Rendezvous At Two are a duo who don't let the distance between them stop their creativity. Even when living at opposite ends of the country, they manage to still create some of the most soothing, relaxing music that the UK has to offer. Their latest single, "Play With Me" has already amassed thousands of plays on their Soundcloud, and their loyal legion of fans are craving more.

You can stream all of Rendezvous At Two's songs via Spotify & Apple Music

Connect with Rendezvous At Two: Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

Future R&B · R&B · Soul


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