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Get familiar with Inas's inner "DVL"

Born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine, Inas started singing when she was 11 years of age and recorded her first song at 16.  The super talented act calls herself a serial collaborator as she is always looking for new ways to have her music heard by more people around the world. Her debut single "DVL" is music to our ears and it's nothing but pure bliss.  After collaborating with several producers and artists for over a year, she finally decided to release something of her own. 

For "DVL", Inas has teamed up with producer Nova to build a mellow, dreamy canvass for the singer to tell the story about a girl blinded by her love and ultimately leading to the realization of her partner's duality. It's a dangerous thing when every choice leads to destruction and one forgets to care about themselves. A strong message and theme for such a young artist but she delivered it effortlessly. 

Inas is currently working on a music video for DVL that will be released later this winter.

Connect with Inas: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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