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Lunice & The Alchemist drop "Clockwork" their first track off their 'MOVING PARTS' EP

Producers Lunice and The Alchemist link up for a very unexpected collaborative EP titled 'Moving parts', made specifically for the last Red Bull BC One World Finals that took place in Amsterdam. The project brings these two producers from a vastly different background to work together in crafting a unique soundscape for breakers and fans alike.

The first track released for our listening pleasure is "Clockwork".   An off kilter, mid tempo groove driven cut with a minimal structure. The combination is quite fascinating as Lunice and The Alchemist have very different soundscapes but however the resulting production taps a bit from their styles to get the work done.  

Red Bull BC One, Dutch streetwear stalwart Patta and LuckyMe Records have joined forces to commission a new eight-song EP project from Lunice and The Alchemist.  Moving Parts is a diverse, modern and engaged take on traditional break music for a new generation. Recorded at the Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles and Amsterdam and commissioned for the world’s best break dancers to dance to in the finals.


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