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Gabby Young sings "Through The Trees"

Otherworldly DIY singer and musician Gabby Young is a symbol of overcoming obstacles. Hailing from the UK, Young's music career was fraught with obstacles from bands breaking up to a longstanding battle with cancer that put her voice on the line twice. Following her final voice-threatening surgery, she realizing singing was no longer a choice, but was her life's calling. With her husband, Stephen Ellis by her side as co writer and producer, Young is making ethereal and full bodied electronica in an age where astral vocals struggle to hit you square in the chest. 


Her latest single, "Through The Trees" showcases her tenacity and ability to find the powerful in the personal. Young's vocals are a windstorm of feeling, weaving into and guiding the driving synths on the track. She explores the far reaches of her range, with notes so high the proverbial leaves might freeze from the chill. The track is centered around emphasizing the burgeoning power in her voice. The song's grandiosity is far from trite, every swell and moment of catharsis feels earned and satisfying.

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Electro Pop · Indie · Indie Pop


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