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M.A.G.S. trip out on "Drugs"

Brain child of Elliott DouglasM.A.G.S. is equal parts rowdy and dreamy, and a standout of the Buffalo indie rock scene. A self-taught musician, Douglas starting out playing drums in his basement as a way to take a break from home school. Eventually, he picked up guitar and bass, playing in numerous local bands. "Drugs," the third single off of Douglas' self-titled M.A.G.S., is the hazy tale of a spiraling party girl. 


Recorded by Dave Drago, the track is reminiscent of the Beach Boys, and drugged out summer days. Douglas' writing reveals him to be a poetic and acute observer, stitching together potent images of addiction and chaos under the lush veil of his vocal harmonies. "Drugs" doesn't romanticize addiction, but instead paints a vivid portrait of its pitfalls. Douglas' tender singing as he implores the subject of the song to get help is deadening. As psychedelic meets indie rock, the whole world should get acquainted with M.A.G.S..

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Indie · Indie Pop


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