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 Dre Alex's "Backseat" is a regret filled, melodious number

Up and coming singer-songwriter & producer Dre Alex delivers a reflective single titled "Backseat" which sees the young man going through the feelings of regret with a dash of pride after a fight with his significant other. While the title may have you thinking about something else, it's actually a plot device, hoping she forgot any of her personal effects in his back seat so he can use it as an excuse for him to her again so maybe they can work things out. 

"Backseat" pretty much deals with Dre's coping mechanism;..but I'm gon' keep up rolling up, it's the only way I slow down" and him admitting his pride in order for a closure to happen. The song which was produced, written and engineered by him has a 90s RnB vibe with a new age feel to it

 Born in Atlanta in 1993, Dre Alex took to singing around the house by the age of three. He recorded his first song by 15, and began a near ten-year journey that would develop his writing and production skills song the way. He’s worked with singer Trevor Jackson, rapper Skooly, and was mentored by Grammy winner Troy Taylor. He graduated with a Music degree from Bethune Cookman University in 2015, and has done some acting for TV in the past year. His style is a blend of everything that inspires him and he wishes to cultivate a sound that will inspire others just as much, if not more.

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Alternative R&B · Future R&B · R&B


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