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Wake Child compose a lowkey love ballad with "Kathaleen"

Wake Child is a rare breed of indie-rock-blues trio. Having met while studying music at the Berklee College of Music, their eclectic sound comes from a swath of influences spanning Kid Cudi, The Wrecking Crew, and Paul Simon. Their music has an earthy and grounding tone, and this makes sense when you consider their latest single "Kathaleen" was recorded in an old cabin in the Catskills.

The magic of this track is the groups' ability to strike a balance between sensory engagement and an only-the-essentials approach to making music. Their vocal harmonies do the work of making the track lush, without the song becoming too atmospheric. The simplicity underscores the import, no words or chords are wasted on this track. Subtly informs nuance, and "Kathaleen" is packed with flavors that slowly bubble up to the surface over the course of the five minute track. Take the relax and swirling guitar solo, how its swell gives way to a vocal break. Each musical moment evolves into the next, and by the end, the song is a swaying grip of ear candy. 

Of the track, the group say:

"We wanted to establish a strong vibe from beginning to end with "Kathaleen." We had an amazing time making it and really hope it comes across on the record."

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