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LOYAL releases debut EP "Light Up For You"

UK collective LOYAL, who for the past two years have teased with a handful of single releases, have released their new EP Light Up For You via IAMSOUND, which can be listened to across platforms hereLOYAL has racked up a solid following with their dynamic dance infused rock sound that takes you on a moody yet energetic journey. 

The EP is a solid mix of all that's LOYAL familiar and packs in four tracks with stellar production and songwriting that delivers some major feels. Full bodied anthemic tracks like "Reset in Colour" and "Moving as One" have an overarching dark and ominous feel yet lyrically heading in a completely different direction, leaving you feeling hopeful and alive. The title track "Light Up For You", that LOYAL treats as the end of their first chapter, pairs soft calm vocals with an up-tempo, yet subtle, beat to tell a story of starting fresh after hitting rock bottom.

Commenting on the EP and the collective group as a whole, LOYAL states, 

"LOYAL is a concept project, we are attempting to tell a story with our music. Each song portrays different chapters and scenes, though the story has not been released in order so how it’s pieced together is down to each individual. The aim is to keep our songs ambiguous, so they can lend themselves to traditional subject matters such as love and sex, as writers we want the meaning you find to tell you more about yourself than it does about us, like an audible Rorschach test." 

Connect with LOYAL: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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