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A Cosmic Gift & Throwback Zack airlift us into "Another Galaxy"

On this tune, funk meets downtempo deep house and the results are pretty outstanding. "Another Galaxy" is the newest collaboration between funk maestro Throwback Zack and house production crew A Cosmic Gift.  The four-minute track feels like a portal into a whole new dimension with Throwback Zack as the captain of the aural expedition. Mixing talk-box techniques with 80s funk is nothing but extra garnishing to this super groovy jam that is equally percussive and bass heavy. This feels like Daft Punk in an afro-futuristic ghetto.

A Cosmic Gift is Brandon Burger (Parallel) and Richard Houghten (bloomypetal) and on Nov. 15, their full-length album along with a mysterious liquid filled 7" will be released to the unsuspecting world.

Connect with  A Cosmic Gift: Facebook |  Soundcloud | Bandcamp


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