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Holly Stell captivates on "The Fall" [Premiere]

She recorded her first solo at age 9, did a duet with Andrea Bocceli at 12, and has a profound love for the Three Tenors. That alone should signal bells that Holy Stell is far from ordinary. Her bio reads "I sing like the trap version of Lord of the Rings" -- which is a bold statement that I totally agree with.

Holly Stell already has two albums under her belt, but the prolific artist is back in the lab crafting new music on a whole different wave. Her latest tune is the chill trap-tinged "The Fall", a sultry, mind warping joint featuring singer Lyfe Harris. Armed with an angelic, gripping, yet soft spoken vocal strength, Holly brings a whole new flavor to this song with an innocent girl next door vibe.

 She also gives us an insight into her industry journey:

"Growing up in the industry was a blessing. But I believe that every blessing comes with a burden. I put my happiness and self worth in the hands of others. If the album got a good review and if the applause was loud, I was happy. It's so easy to become addicted to praise. Working with special needs, like actually as a job, was the best thing to happen to me because it wasn't about me. I went from wearing tons of makeup in a ball gown on stage to loading wheelchairs onto vans in a messy bun with no makeup. I'm happy that the small amount of 'fame' I had in my teenage years faded when it did. I needed to be stripped of all that and I was able to grow as a person and make my young adult mistakes outside of the spotlight. I've found a genre of music that feels...inevitable. I'm able to use my classical training and stack these high vocals on top of trap beats. ”

Later this year she will feature on the single “Surrender” produced by EDM veteran Darude and set to release on Armada Records. Holly is also starring in the role of Kat on the series Push Play executively produced by Brett Slater (Entourage, Ballers, Boardwalk Empire). She landed the role while working as a production assistant.

Connect with Holly Stell: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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