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TW3LV team up with Jack Wilby on the astonishing retro "Together" [Video]

TW3LV  is the enigmatic project created in 2014 by a duo of French electronic artists. Not much is known about the identities of said individuals, but their latest effort "Together" is a brilliant, nostalgia-driven jam that will have you thinking you're back in the 80's. The duo craft a warm, groovy backdrop that perfectly matches singer Jack Wilby's  phenomenal vocal performance - a fusion of Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald and James Ingram.

Taking things to a higher plateau, TW3LV also shot an 80's-inspired visual for the song which takes liberties with the science fiction-horror series Stranger Things to create something emotive and dreamy.

TW3LV  have been involved behind the scenes with music production for many years, but now are stepping into the forefront as artists themselves. Their mutual love for 80's and modern electronic music is the basis for their undeniable chemistry.

Connect with TW3LV: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

80's · Electronica · Future Funk


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