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DUNCECAP says 'Definitely' with ELUCID and Quelle Chris [Premiere]

Music video director, producer and rapper DUNCECAP is a man who doesn't take himself seriously, but does just enough for you to respect him. Case in point: DUNCE's upcoming album is called Rapping Is For Idiots. But he also produced the entire record himself, stepped up his lyric game from his last project with Samurai Banana, Human Error, and plans on releasing a handful of self-made music videos from Rapping Is For Idiots himself. This kid's got dedication, and one can surely respect his craft. Even if he comes off as a tad bit apathetic, he's at least self-aware.

Last month, DUNCECAP announced Rapping Is For Idiots and dropped his first single featuring ABGOHARD, "Lyrical Miracle." Today, EARMILK has the scoop on the record's second vibrant, totally not-serious-but-serious single in the form of a music video: "Definitely," featuring New York underground rapper ELUCID and Detroit's fantastic Quelle Chris.

Up above, watch as ELUCID takes care of his baby and does a few household chores, ignoring DUNCECAP who ends up stranded outside with no one to buzz him up into their apartment, and Quelle Chris sleepwalking while cooking a disgusting meal and shaving in the shower. The three rappers effortlessly flow over the warping beat, complimenting each other's verses to the point the track ends up feeling like a cypher, though DUNCECAP assumes the role of an eager "listen to my mixtape" rapper. I dig it heavy.

DUNCECAP commented on the track for EARMILK,

This track, on theme for 'Rapping is for Idiots,' is about the elusive rapper. You've problem met several, either at shows, in sessions or over the internet. ELUCID & Quelle Chris play the role of two artists who have better things to do while DUNCECAP plays the role of the eager fool trying to network with them.

Be on the lookout for Rapping Is For Idiots to drop on November 10, pre-order the album here.



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