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Jensen Kirk conceptualizes "Love" in unusual ways in new video


Jensen Kirk takes love to a whole new level on his newest video. Aptly titled "Love", the single is a jazz influenced cut loaded with melodic soulful horns, warm bass line and that classic West coast bounce to it. While the musical description may feel homely and embracing, the subject matter of the song goes deeper than that.

 In the visuals Jensen proceeds to visually capture the term "Love" in different ways using different scenarios. He starts off with an opening scene of him driving a cop car while spitting into the camera which is his way of saying those who have sworn to serve and protect us can be completely out of control and do otherwise. I must say a very subtle way of saying police brutality. He goes forth to talk about the way we as individuals are attracted to money and the connection it has to everything we love. An interesting scene is where, he and two of his friends post up on the basketball court with dollar bills falling from the sky. It may seem unusual to the viewer but that is another question Jensen poses to us. Are majority of the things we love connected to money? Well I don't have the answers and all we can do is look within.

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Hip-Hop · Indie


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