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Stimulator Jones' "Need Your Body" is the smoothest song you'll hear all year

Halloween weekend is nearly upon us which, for many, means insane amounts of drinks, candy and all around shenanigans. Lucky for everyone, Stimulator Jones is here with his latest track “Need Your Body,” to help soothe your sugar, drug, and alcohol come down in the smoothest way possible.

The latest signee on legendary label Stones Throw, Jones is in fantastic company. And with a debut track as smooth and groovy as “Need Your Body,” he more than deserves the spot.

If you think “Need Your Body” is a shout out to a time when streaming wasn’t a thing, and vinyl ruled the land, you’re right, and wrong. “American music is the result of a variety of humans from diverse cultural backgrounds combining and sharing their expressions and being free of restrictions. Any categorical borders or boundaries are illusions,” says Jones. Even though his style does air in the style of 70s for “Need Your Body,” Jones is accomplished and dynamic enough to pull off a completely different sound for his next track, and likely will.

There's no word on any future single releases, though his LP is due to drop in 2018. Until then, enjoy Jone’s buttery vocals over some old school instrumentals on “Need Your Body” via SpotifyBandcamp, or any of your favorite outlets.

Connect with Stimulator JonesSoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

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