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KRANE drops atmospheric new album 'Fallout'

Following up the release Sessions earlier this year, Bay Area producer KRANE is back with a new album. Fallout is futuristic soundscape of ambient atmospheres laced with heavy drops and striking sound design and is available now.

The journey into making the music he makes hasn't been a long one.  As KRANE told me, "I grew up playing jazz and being super into classical music and metal… genres of music I still listen to on my free time but are not what I produce. I got into the beat scene about four years ago.... And it’s been a slow education getting into EDM and trap music."  Between putting extensive time into working on tracks and a consistent touring schedule, he's found time to develop a sound that can draw in new listeners as well as please longtime fans.  On being able to release this album, he says "It’s a relief to put it out. It’s stressful. You know, hoping the reception is good and all that. It’s also really liberating. I mean for me it was like, when I was in college and I would not study for an exam or something and I'd show up and I’d get a C on an exam some people would be super stressed afterwards and hate themselves and I would always feel really good. Even if this is a shit album and everyone hates it, I’m done with it and I can start working on the next thing. It’s good. It’s liberating."

Fallout is available now.  Listen to it here.

Connect with KRANE: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram



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