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Nowave crafts an insane vibe with his revamp of Pouya - Energy (Nowave Remix) [Premiere]

Rob Porello aka Nowave is a talented instrumentalist from Tampa, Florida who started playing with metal bands and also listens to jazz music. Being part of the band and working rigorous practice sessions influenced his production style as he approaches his craft from a live, free form perspective.

Today he delivers his sophomore release "Pouya - Energy (Nowave Remix) " which is  two minutes of dopeness. His arrangement and suspense filled instrumentation is noteworthy while still keeping things as simple as possible. The layered vocals do not distract from the vibe but rather help garnish the polished production .

Nowave is Rob Porello's side project which allows him to fully experiment and fiddle around with different musical styles.

Connect with Nowave   : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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