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Darius releases "Mountains" ahead of imminent album release

Since his arrival onto the house-music scene in 2012 with his terrific debut project Velour, Darius, a dynamic, modern producer and member of the the esteemed, reputable french label, Roche Musique, has proven the persistent quality of his musical craft. Darius’ sound is serene and untroubled, crisply engineered to accompany a listener on a long drive.

As part of his upcoming album, Utopia, set to be released on the 24th of November, Darius recently released his single titled “Mountains”. In correlation with the title of the track, the track is naturally reverberant and reminiscent of a personal journey. The progression of the instrumentation is consistent, building towards a cathartic, momentous ending. In an Instagram post promoting his new album, Darius delineated that the album represents a period of transition and discovery in his life, and you can already hear the journey he’s describing in “Mountains”. The synths are intensely powerful, blending robustly with reverberated, upbeat percussions. Like most of work, “Mountains” is persistently melodious, which I’m sure represents the sound of Velour.

Alongside FKJ, Kartell and company, Darius demonstrates the quality work that Roche Musique continues to release, and “Mountains” only adds to an already impressive discography. The french label continues to shine, and Darius’ work only emphasizes their deserved recognition. Darius’ first single is beautifully undisturbed and expressive, and certainly sets a high standard for Utopia. I’m certain the album will provoke a lot of emotion and thought in listeners, who can hopefully relate their personal experiences to the journey of Darius which have inspired this album.

“Mountains” in now available on streaming services. Utopia to be released November 24.

Connect with Darius: Instagram / Facebook / Soundcloud


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