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Aly Ryan lands smoothly with "No Parachute"

LA-based singer Aly Ryan's newest single "No Parachute" is an epitome of proudly straying far from the norm. The upbeat, semi-animated video brings to life her message of breaking the boundaries regardless of what others think. Taking inspiration from the 80s stop-motion music videos, Aly displays a fierce passion for being different and unapologetic at the same time. 

"No Parachute" is taken from her upcoming debut EP which will be released for public consumption sometime in November.

Aly Ryan's background is quite interesting as she was born in Germany to parents who were war correspondents in Moscow, Russia. This allowed her to spend most of her childhood traveling from one place to another hence affording her the experience of different customs and cultures. She eventually moved to LA at the age of 16 after losing her brother and has since been working her way in the music industry.

Connect with Aly Ryan: Website| Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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