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Ouska concocts a surreal setting for a "Romance Nuit"

Ouska's latest output is a surreal three minute plus long piece he calls "Romance Nuit". At first listen, the first thing that hit me was the multi layered soundscape and emotional tone of the song. It feels like something out of the late 80s sci-fi genre yet feels very modern, well due to the chill-trap vibes. Ouska's forte as a multi instrumentalist (the man has been played piano and drums at a very early age) most definitely affords him the chance to dabble into a foray of styles as he pleases. Taking a bit from hip-hop, jazz and some bass music; the producer delivers a pretty intriguing piece on "Romance Nuit".

Ouska is also is a member of the French collective  of artists/label that go by the name Mass Flow. Other members include; Fitzroy, B Visible, Epicure, Thomas Fontana, GrillzHachente and Ryan Fennis

"Romance Nuit" is available on most of the digital platforms along with the rest of the compilation HERE

Connect with Ouska  : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Chill Trap · Electro · Minimal


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