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Fan Fiqtion tells us to "Go And Get It"

Fan Fiqtion is the passion project of Pheonix producer and songwriter Zion. Tapping into the vocal talents of various singers around the world, his single "Go And Get It" enlists Brittany Pfantz. Fiqtion's music is textured, earthy, and of the soul. It combines the heartfelt nature of folk, with the catchy indie pop sensibilities of the artists his collaborates with. Making music, Fiqtion explains and demonstrates, is his way of seeking out and putting love back into the world.

"Go And Get It" is wonderfully jazzy, syncopated, and light hearted. Pfantz' vocals are full-bodied and biting. Her inflections build a strong musical rapport with the horn flourishes coloring the track. At its core, the track is a wonderfully lush and energetic work anthem. Both artists describe this as "all about empowerment" and "powering through" the challenges of balancing your art with your career.

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Indie · Indie Pop


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