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VOKES sing about the danger of "Screens"

VOKES is an Pop Rock meets Soul band based out of Los Angeles, CA. Comprised of lead vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist Mike Harris, guitarist and vocalist Dylan Robin, keyboardist and vocalist Trae Budde, bassist Sean Ritchie, and drummer Garrett Harney, VOKES blend their members personalities and the highs of their influences to make a sound entirely their own. Somewhere between soul, electronica, trip-hop, and funk, VOKES carve out a lane meant to deliver pure ear candy. 

"Screens," the first track off the band's upcoming second EP, Delusions, out in 2018, reflects the overstimulation and addiction to technology. The track captures feelings of helplessness, co-dependency, and confusion during a tumultuous time of change. They build a dense soundscape, giving away their trip-hop influences, and adding bright indie guitar riffs to take the avant-garde into the realm of easy listening. The high range of the vocals and the harmonies tie the track together.

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Indie · Indie Pop


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