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Bien reminds us that we're all one with "Spinning on Blue"

Fresh off their Electric Dream EP release, Bien put out the video for "Spinning on Blue" today. Bien is the collaborative project of individually successful Nashville artists Jessie Early, Angela Lauer, and Tim Lauer. The three explored new artistic boundaries with this release by utilizing raw recordings, lo-fi over hi-fi sounds, and putting their souls into the lyricism.

The video features hazy clips from decades past to remind us that we're all on the same pursuit of happiness and the same planet. The simplicity of the visual only increases the poeticism of it all. The breathless vocals feel small in comparison to the ideas they put forth, but that only perpetuates the parallel to the smallness of a human in comparison to our large world - and the true beauty and power of when it all harmonizes as one.

Bien also gave their take on "Spinning on Blue,"

"There's so much going on in the world right now, and we really wanted to write something that encouraged people to remember we're all sharing this planet. It's our kind of 'seize the day' song that reminds us to take in the beauty and wonder of the world and the people around us.”

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Dreampop · Indie · Lo-Fi


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