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Introducing: Joshua KYEOT and your new favorite long song "Only One"

Without tooting our own horn too much, you have to admit, EARMILK nails it when it comes to new music. That’s not to say other sites or blogs don’t cover the uncovered, but we do it best. EARMILK writers always seem to find the best talent out there that has yet to be served up to the hungry online masses, and as you could guess, today is no different.

Feast your ears on Joshua KYEOT and his track, “Only One.”

Raised in Ghana but currently residing in South London, KYEOT delivers a cheery, warm and hilariously relatable love song with “Only One.” Within the first 30 seconds, there is a 1000% chance you will smile. Over muted percussions, bass licks and guitar strums, KYEOT waxes poetic to his “Only One.”

Some awful writer out there will likely mislabel this as a “millennial love song” or some other cringe worthy title relating to “millennials” and our love for the internet, but don’t fall into that trap. Using words like “selfie” or admitting to Facebook stalking a crush is the reality of the world we live in and it takes true talent to distill that feeling into song.

Give “Only One” a listen above and be sure to Keep Your Eyes/Ears On This (hint: that’s what KYEOT stands for) website and artist for more great music.


Connect with Joshua KYEOT: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter


R&B · Soul


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