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J'Von's wordplay makes your favorite rapper look like child's play in "grey beanie" [Video]

Do you ever wonder how dope music can somehow escape mainstream attention? It seems odd, does it not? Some music is better than others, and yet that music that you and everyone else thinks is incredible appears to go unnoticed. It couldn’t come down to connections or luck, could it?

We are EARMILK like to think good music should speak for itself, and if it can’t, we’re here to speak for it. Enter J’Von and his latest video, “grey beanie.”

If you couldn’t tell by the massive allusion in the into, J’Von is an artist who's music fully deserves the title of "dope." Not only does he produce and do incredible animation, but he’s also a supremely talented rapper with a unique flow that is unlike anyone else in the game. His wordplay is responsible for broken rewind buttons and makes all us hip-hop fans praise the great MC in the sky for bestowing Genius.com down upon us.

In “grey beanie,” J’Von is in top form. The short flick starts off with J posted under a tree rocking a yellow jacket (a standard colored item for the Seattle spitter) playing the guitar and singing. Before long though, he sets the instrument aside to stand up and drop a furious verse about meeting a love interest. Typically, we writers try to include a snippet of lyrics in our posts but typing out the lyrical gymnastics done above will not do J'Von or his wordplay justice, so I'm just going to call it quits here.

Press play on “grey beanie” above and share the shit out of this video after you watch it. Great music deserves recognition.

Connect with J’Von: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

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