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NC Grey sings about her "Adonis"

Making music from the young age of seven, British-Nigerian singer NC Grey delivers the delightful and light tune "Adonis." Inspired by the likes of Sade Adu, Amy Whinehouse and Nina Simone, her sound is a potent fusion of jazz, swing, soul and Motown. On "Adonis" NC Grey lays her soulful vocals over a jazzy stride piano line. There's an irresistible pep in her vocal delivery, working with the rhythmic guitar. The song has an almost heavenly quality when the choir comes in during the bridge. Make sure to also check out NC Grey's Magic the EP

About the track, she had this to say: "The friendzone is familiar place for a lot people. 'Adonis' is about that guy who became the best friend when really, he should have been the boyfriend." 

Connect with NC Grey on Twitter and Soundcloud.

Hip-Hop · Soul


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