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Try not to replay "Catherine" by Husser, we dare you

Every now and then an artist comes along that blows expectations to smithereens. These sort of artists are the most fun to write about because it forces us to dig deep, listen on repeat and dive into their work. Husser with his video for “Catherine” is that sort of artist.

At first glance, "Catherine" has the look of a low budget music video, which isn't exactly something novel when you spend your days writing for a music blog. After a few moments though, Husser shows he's unlike the rest of the pack when he gets raw and real about his life. Shot on an iPhone, the video for “Catherine” is frenetic and anxiety-inducing. Even the track itself makes listeners writhe in their seats while listening, so watching the video can get intense. And that’s exactly what Husser wants.

Shot in his native Montreal with the topic of the song surrounding St. Catherine Street and the horrors that have unfolded there, Husser raps “Catherine” with a slow, quiet and menacing delivery. But that is exactly what makes this track so intriguing. The song is an eye-witness recount of some awful moments, and most amazingly, it’s a recount of mistakes because of pride. “I got too much pride, I can’t even cry to myself” he raps over the dark beat before bringing up how he saw his best friend shot right in front of him with his “guts on the ground.”

“Catherine” isn’t a song you can put on and let play in the background. It’s vivid imagery forces listeners to pay close attention, and when Husser picks up the pace around halfway through, things get intense.

Press play on the video for “Catherine” above and be sure to stay locked on EARMILK for all your fresh music wants and needs.


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