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WE ARE FURY's "Waiting" feat. Olivia Lunny explores an enigmatic sound

Vancouver based WE ARE FURY have been keeping themselves occupied this year, with an ongoing stream of impressive remixes and singles and more recently, a debut EP now under their belt. The electronic duo have been working towards mastering their sound, a fine balance between monstrous electronic synths with an emotional ballad-like core. This enigmatic nature is what sets themselves apart from the common trends of the electronic world. There's something hauntingly dark yet powerful in their sound, an energy difficult to pinpoint. In WE ARE FURY's latest release "Waiting",  Canadian vocalist Olivia Lunny lends honest and somber vocals, a beautiful contrast to the frenetic melodies. The energy of the track is an absolute thrill, with Olivia Lunny's smooth vocals setting a dark and quiet foundation initially. Eventually the work builds up to an out of this world drop, with shrilling synths and a pulsating bass which Lunny's vocals wallow in and out of. "Waiting" marks an important milestone for WE ARE FURY, as they track further solidifies their signature sound. 

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Connect with Olivia: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter



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