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Tash Sultana releases new track "Mystik"

Melbourne native Tash Sultana released her anticipated jazzy track "Mystik" today via Mom + Pop. In July the artist released a video bedroom recording of this song which showed off her effortless ability to jam on the guitar along with creating live layered loops - leaving fans eager for a studio release.

In true Tash Sultana form, the track builds on itself with guitar, keyboard, drum and percussion loops steadily layered on top of each other into an incredible mix of sounds. Next, cue Tash's sultry vocals that float over the masterpiece of sounds. And then, as if she's not talented enough, a kick ass saxophone solo. I'm actually amazed by the range of instruments she can play, when she's already incredibly talented on the guitar. Then to end things right, the tracks finishes with a funky upbeat guitar outro. 

She explained to Australian radio show Triple J the inspiration for the track,

"Tried to just come back down and connect to myself and just be present, because when you’re busy all the time you kind of get caught up in this whole mist, and you forget to stop and be still. You get carried away thinking that you have to do all these things all the time when you probably just should be instead of do."

Connect with Tash Sultana: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 



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