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Wyvern Lingo fight back with "Out of My Hands"

If you're unfamiliar with the various political and social issues going on in Ireland right now, let's fill you in: women are fighting tooth and nail against the Church and the Irish government for their reproductive rights and to repeal the 8th amendment in their constitution, which makes seeking an abortion a criminal offence. Homelessness in Dublin is becoming a problem of rapidly increasing proportion. It's 2017, straight white dudes apparently still don't get it, and Wyvern Lingo have had enough of apathetic arseholes. (So have I, if you can't tell). 

Their response? A healthy dose of dripping sarcasm, served cold by the ever-angelic vocals of Karen Cowley, with a side of glorious three-part harmony from Saoirse Duane and Caoimhe Barry. EARMILK has the first listen of their latest single "Out of My Hands." Speaking of the song, the girls explain: 

“Out of My Hands” was inspired by a man I met in a pub, the night of the Home Sweet Home / Occupy Nama demonstration. He was completely cynical towards activism. I tried to get inside his head, that mistrust and negativity on the refugee crisis, homelessness in Ireland, and the Repeal the 8th movement.

Complete with irresistibly catchy bass line, "Out of My Hands" challenges skepticism and apathy from the point of view of this person they met in the pub. "And I know it's hard for the sorry few...see my world still turns round" is the song's refrain. Of course, it's not out of anyone's hands. This is the wildly frustrating thing about activism: the privileged few's unyielding denial of their privilege, coupled with the refusal to use that privilege for good. 

The dissonance of their opening vocals mimic the cultural and political dissonance of the world at the moment. They have built on and adapted their sound since I first heard them a few years ago, and their material gets more hit-worthy with every new release. "Out of My Hands" seems to say: stay angry, and question everything. Except don't question the quality of this song. We're telling you: it's a tune. Wyvern have always been good at challenging stereotype, and this new foray into the world of hard-to-define indie/r&b/pop has paid off extremely well for the trio. "Out of My Hands" is available on all platforms October 6th, 2017.

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