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Introducing: Young Mister sends a personal message out to the "Infinite Space"

Singer-songwriter Steven Fiore, a.k.a Young Mister, has spent the last few years building a fanbase along both coasts, touring with Jay Clifford (Jump Little Children), Slow Runner, and even regularly performing as a guest vocalist in Jeff Goldblum’s jazz band in Los Angeles. But now after spending 6 years writing with Universal Music Publishing Group, Fiore is stepping out into the light with his new single "Infinite Space". Check it out below.

"Infinite Space" is a much-exposed look into the musical capabilities of Fiore. The strong acoustic hook and the deep heartfelt vocals gently carry you from start to finish. But it's the lyrical writing, delivered in the purest form of musical storytelling, that really captures your attention and imagination. It exudes such strong feelings of interiorized loneliness and isolation but sung through a beautiful sonic narrative and delivered with such earnestness. 
The track was originally inspired by a podcast that discussed the possibilities of extraterrestrial life. Fiore says, “One contributor stated that he believed life existed elsewhere but was heartbroken by the fact that we may never get to see their faces. This struck a chord in me, as the true nerd in me is also saddened at the thought of never meeting aliens. I've often felt like a loner growing up, as if no one truly understood me, so I tied the sentiment from the podcast into the idea that maybe the only beings that I could ever truly identify with are living somewhere in a galaxy far, far away — too far to ever reach.” This track also features backing vocals from Christie Dupree of the bands Eisley and Merriment.
---Tour Dates---

10/1 - Washington, DC - Smith Public Trust
10/2 - Harrisburg, PA - Underground Bike Shop
10/3 - Philadelphia, PA - Pharmacy
10/4 - New York, NY - Rockwood Music Hall (for MONDO NYC festival)
10/5 - Woodstock, NY - The Pines
10/6 - New York, NY - Sofar Sounds NYC
10/14 - Greenville, SC - Fall For Greenville
10/25 - Los Angeles, CA - Hotel Cafe
11/3 - Schwandorf, Germany - Felsenkeller*
11/6 - Darmstadt, Germany - Theater Halbneun*

11/7 - Zurich, Switzerland - Bagatelle
11/8 - Stans, Switzerland - Pillow Song Loft
11/11 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Paradox*
11/13 - Brighton, UK - House Show
11/14 - Brighton, UK - Sofar Sounds Brighton
*supporting Albert Lee
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