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Air Stranger sing of "Blurred Love"

A four-piece progressive rock meets funk outfit from Vancouver, Air Stranger string together hard-hitting grooves that also make you want to dance. Their latest, "Blurred Love," is nothing short of a romp. The confidence of the bass player makes the track an instant success from the first one, but the addition of horns really takes it over the top. The vocal work has an attractive swagger all its own. Each musician's distinct personality and playing style shines through on the track, while coming together for a cohesive listening experience reminiscent of big bang collective improvisation.  

With a slew of inventive images packed into the track, we can expect that Air Stranger take their writing very seriously. About the track, the band say: "The line in the first verse, 'Every story they tell about love and its spell,' introduces us to a story about a relationship where the line between reality and fiction is indeed blurred."

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