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Deca releases riveting "Skyward" music video


It’s fair to say that substantial, heavily-creative lyricism is not necessarily a priority among a notable portion of modern rappers in today’s hip-hop market, which inherently increases the appreciation for artists who do focus on the quality and depth of their writing. This is the case both in mainstream hip-hop with artists like Kendrick Lamar and Chance, and in the underground scene with artists from all kinds of backgrounds. Among the underground artists revealing notable lyrical potential is Deca, an open-minded, fluent MC who recently released his single “Skyward”.

Partnered alongside truly terrific, riveting visuals, “Skyward” epitomizes good hip-hop. Deca’s captivating, calmly pronounced flow blends smoothly with a 90’s-esque boom bap instrumental, almost similar to that of Earl Sweatshirt’s early work. Odd Future was the first group I was reminded of when listening to “Skyward”.

Deca’s honesty and relaxed delivery embodies a tranquil, serene state of being, reminiscent of Earl and Tyler. The extraordinary, spacey music video feels like a profoundly strange trip into an inspiring, unfamiliar dimension. The peculiar imagery forms a superb partnership with Deca’s insightful, vivid lyricism. Not only does the audio take you on a journey, but the video takes you a captivating adventure of visual surprise.

Deca has set his standards high with “Skyward”, a classic hip-hop track that illustrates all of hip-hop’s greatest elements. Rejuvenating a gritty boom-bap sound is greatly appreciated these days, and Deca has proven he is more than capable of taking us back to the Golden Era with a sincere, raw sound. Certainly worth checking out.

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