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Fall in digital love with Blood Code & Pooldad's "32 Bit Dreams"

Dating Sim: a subgenre of simulation games with elements of romance where the player dates multiple characters to achieve a relationship. Basically, you have some digital love going on with a 2-D babe. But what happens when your dating sim actually loves you back? Blood Code and Pooldad explore this possibility as the premise for their new track, "32 Bit Dreams".

We really wanted to make the song an experience so we hired our friend Nikki Foy, who is a collegiate screenplay writer, to create a short story based on the artwork, music and lyrics. What she came up with was an amazing tale about a dating simulator sprite that becomes self-aware and falls in-love with her user.

Everything about "32 Bit Dreams" fits its video game aesthetic right down to the single artwork. The music in the track itself is designed by sampling the start up theme from a Gameboy Advance to create chord structure and the backbone melodies. Soft Proxy embodies the self-aware sim as the guest vocalist while Blood Code and Pooldad are a production dream team with the seamless blend of sampling, live instrumentals (I hear you, tambourine) and synths. Let "32 Bit Dreams" take you into digital worlds and get you in touch with your inner gamer.

Connect with Blood Code: Soundcloud | Twitter
Connect with Pooldad: Soundcloud | Twitter

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