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Drift away with Gold/Shade's shimmering, sensual "Love Me" ft. Neenah [Premiere]

Stylish, future-focused Dutch producer Gold/Shade unveils the dreamy lead single "Love Me" ft. Neenah off his debut album "Halcyon" - available October 6 on Powerhouse Music. The artist just began releasing music in March, but the organic viral success of "My Muse" (650,000 plays) made a remarkable splash. "I started Gold/Shade as a passion project to produce music that I love, I had no idea that it would have such a big reach and that so many people would listen to my releases from the very start," says Fritz Nijman, the Amsterdam-based producer at the eye of the storm. 

"Love Me" washes over you like a cool waterfall, with a chilled out tone, slinky synths, and the creamy cascading vocals of Neenah.  Gold/Shade keeps his perspective upwards, as this debut marks his true entry into the kaleidoscopic world of the dance music industry. "For me the album represents doing what you love and not being afraid to try new things." When your music speaks to two-thirds of a million people without the aid of PR, repost culture, or promoter hustle - you know you've landed on something real. "Connecting with an audience means that they will accept this continuous vibe and even sort of expect me to keep reinventing myself as an artist," says Gold/Shade. With plans for a live show forging in 2018, the sky is the limit for this fresh voice. 

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