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Planet Giza teams up with Kaytranada for "Domina"

As part of their fresh EP Détour: Zayad City, Planet Giza’s new track ’Domina’ merges their eloquent, free-flowing instrumentation with the intoxicating, relentless bounce of none other than featured artist Kaytranada. The Canadian beat wizard is expected to indent his sound on any track he works on, and he did not fail to live up to expectation. ‘Domina’ possesses a vibrant release, blending funky, upbeat rhythms with intricate, smooth chords and vocal chops. The track’s progression and variation is very fluent and seemingly everlasting, perfectly consistent for an energetic nightclub filled with impassioned, zoned out dancers grooving into the night.

‘Domina’ is one of ten tracks on Détour: Zayad City, and certainly sets a high standard. Planet Giza blends dynamic warped synths and soulful rap verses with hard-hitting 808 drum-beats that make nodding your head unavoidable. The project contains several riveting collaborations including those of Kaytra, Large Blake and Da-P, who each add their own spices to the mix in an original, colorful manner. There’s a charming brightness about the project, with an apparent, classic feel-good vibe which is hard not to be attracted to.  Planet Giza has impressed on previous projects, and this is no different. Détour: Zayad City brings the vibes and is certainly worth checking out.

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