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Down the rabbit hole with G. Jones and Eprom's "HELP! I CAN'T FIND MY WAY OUT"

Two of the most maniacal names in bass music are joining forces on an EP and b2b tour, and the world may not be ready. The second single from G. Jones and EPROM's forthcoming "Acid Disk" (10/20) "HELP! I CAN'T FIND MY WAY OUT" is an out-of-body experience, to say the least. The only lyrics are the title itself, delivered over and over by stock voices of varying accents and degrees of distress. The rest is pure madness in the form of wonky bass - the tricks we've come to expect from these two boundary-pushing beatmakers. Follow G. Jones and EPROM into another dimension and see for yourself. 

Connect with G. Jones: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Connect with EPROM: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Acid · Bass


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