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Take a "Dip" in Courtnie's sultry new single

R&B songstress Courtnie unveils her latest single "Dip," an ode to letting love take over and deepening connections without hesitation. Unafraid to let her guard down, Courtnie dives head first into love on her new single.

On "Dip," the Brooklyn based singer's intoxicating vocals slink in and out of rapidly evolving tempos. Courtnie's vibrant energy translates to her lyrics, confidently using the art of persuasion to ease her potential lover out of vulnerability.  Seen on "Dip" and on her previous single "Try," Courtnie is anything but shy about wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Growing up between Chicago, St. Louis, and Los Angeles before making New York home, the confident artist's music and lyricism draw from diverse musical environments. On "Dip," Courtnie strives to dig beyond the surface of love with her muse. The percussion on "Dip" maintains its lively energy, particularly throughout its upbeat chorus. "Dip" is co-written and produced by Trap Noir

The new release is the first lift off Courtnie's upcoming I Feel Like Color EP, due out September 29. If it's anything like "Dip," the EP is poised to encourage love without boundaries over clean R&B production. Listen to "Dip" above.

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