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Ois4 Omari drops FISH [Premiere]

Ois4 OMARI will catch you off guard at first and that’s okay. In a time plastered with Lil This and Young That all over Instagram donning clout goggles and pink dreads, Omari believes in building a brand and breaking the monotony in a different way and using YouTube as his chief medium. The Houston artist believes that his music can be ingested visually as much as auditory. Omari’s guerrilla-style music videos accompany almost every release he makes and reflects a nostalgic 90s kid swag all his own. With minimal locales and the use of lo-fi filtering effects, each video reflects his gritty musical style with catchy lyrics that often sound like a mantra rather than hooks.  Check it out below.

Coming from the south, Omari was influenced by a lot of Houston and Memphis rappers growing up but also had ZZ Top, Prince, Daft Punk and later Kanye help germinate his sound into what is it today. Now he takes cues from Grimes, Mac Demarco, Lil B, and even Riff Raff to help bring to life his beats and visual video style.

His new single FISH (produced by Swedish producer Oiigi) showcases everything Omari is about: Soulful rhythms, infectious lyrics and purely not giving a fuck. Watch him swaggin' in the buff below and stay tuned for more new Ois4 Omari releases in the future:

Connect with Ois4 Omari:  Soundcloud Twitter  

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